City: Missouri City
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Not So Nice KinderCare

I had a very bad experience with kinder care, the director is very rude and acts like she don't care. The director always cater to the three year old teacher and still do. She always was mad at her ex assistant because the parents and teachers enjoy talking to her assistant rather than talking to her. The director acts like ...

Ex - Employe

I use t work for KinderCare Learning Center in Missouri, City Texas. The Director was okay at times. But acted very unprofessional when it came down to teachers personal business. Seems that she had her favorites. And they knew things ways before the other staff new. Always that whispering, laughing. Etc. This Director cut ...

Bait and Switch Pricing

I called the local office this morning - after several rings it flipped over to a call center (India) where I spent over 40 minutes on the phone with them getting everything straight (or so I thought) where I would receive a certain price and my insurance company be directly billed. The agent repeated the price and terms to me ...

La Fitness
Filthy unsanitary gym

Check out the bathrooms but wear protective outerwear. They took out all but two gym towel dispensers and the machines all have sweat residues on them. Of course everyone there is on a free month pass so no one seems to care. Watch out for Carl or herman (Facebook reviewer alias). He is as dumb as he looks and will lie lie lie ...

Rooms To Go
Delivery Process is Screwed Up

Promised delivery between 11-3 so I took the day off from work. Called at 4PM and said they were running late. Really late! Delivered after 6pm so I could have worked all day. What a douche bag logistic department. Would suggest they get more trucks and more drivers so that the $90 fee for delivery is earned. I called to ...