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Bad Quality

I purchased a pair of pantyhose from Shoprite last week and when i wore them the waist band had stretched before the end of the day and were literally falling off. I purchased another pair this morning and decided to get a smaller size because i assumed that is why the first pair was falling off but the same thing happened. No ...

Cell C
Cell C voucher already used!

We bought a R25 Cell C recharge voucher from the Mowbray Post Office this morning and it refuses to recharge claiming this number can't be used. Called their 140 call centre and they claim the code has already been used on 2 Feb. It clearly shows 16 Feb on the slip. Their only solution is you must take it back to the store ...

Service with smiles

To survive these days you have to have a sense of humour without losing focus on the task at hand.netflorist's focus being getting a delivery on time. Firstly an e-mail informing me that drivers have departed to make the delivery and that in spite of Eish'com power outages they will do their best to make it in time. The second ...

African Bank
Credit card replacement

I have been to the branch a total of 6 times for the simple procedure of having a card replaced. It is now seven days since I started the request and I have been given the run around due to staff not being very helpful and they simply would not do anything extra to resolve issues which they were to blame for in the first place. ...

Cannot get hold of Telkom

I'm trying to get hold of Telkom to fix my internet line. My ISP says they aren't seeing the phone number syncing on their side and the connection is really bad. I've tried to call twice today. The first time my cordless phone died after being on hold for over 40mins. I'm currently trying again... So far... 45mins. Being on ...