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Account still not cancelled.

My vehicle is financed through Wesbank. I was charged R3 095.84 and R610.20 for the above but it was cancelled last month 'without penalities' due to being to over the phone regarding the charges that I will pay for this service. Why have this amount not been cancelled and credited to the loan amount? I paid R104 extra in my ...

Illegal billing & sunscription

My cell bill has recently been much higher than before which i queried with my service provider after noticing MMS messages that I never sent. They directed me to Intergrat who I then contacted Please see below correspondence between myself and Intergrat. These claims are completely false as I have NEVER sunscribed to their ...

Discovery Health
Referral number - Specialist

My doctor faxed through the referral form last Thursday and I was informed by both him and Discovery that I would receive feedback within 2 days. I have just received a call from Discovery stating that they have no record of this. How is that possible when you've received all other correspondence sent by him on Thursday??? I ...

Limiting Unlimited Data

Your product of "infinity" sounds great right? It gives clients the impression that they can browse the Internet, steam videos, use GPS, call people - all to your hearts content. I found out the hard way that I bought an unlimited data and call plan that I'm not able to do all those nice things and have taken necessary steps to ...