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Cell C
Heplfull service

It seems to be a pattern with Cell C, My ipad was stollen with a cell c sim card in it. The individual place the sim card in their phone and proceeded to purchase data and phone calls at will due to there being 0, Nil, nada security on their self help portal. Once the sim card was cancelled i was informed that any and all ...

Mtn are! Stay away from them!

I went unassisted with my previous problem: http:///mtn/complaints/no-upgrades-available-1594483 Now that my contract has expired in December MTN have taken it upon themselves to increase my bill. Apparently contracts no longer "continue" as they used to, the network simply charges you what they feel is appropriate, but fail ...

PATHETIC service

I ordered 2 kids tablets from Groupon on 10/12/2014, it is now 02/01/2015 and to date I have not received any of my purchases. I have spoken to numerous Groupon call center agents, emailed their customer service support center and Lushane October of Groupon, to no avail. I was given tracking numbers by Lushane October and told ...