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Federasl Trade Com.
Federal Trade Commission

In the matter of thousands of complaints filed w / the FTC (& the BBB) against Travelers Exp- for ripping off citizens for up to $ 500 ea occasion - these agencies will do nothing. They act like each complaint is the very 1st they ever saw. Have learned that Travlers Exp - contributes the big Soft-$ to Dem - & Rep parties. ...

Best Buy
Return policy

On 12/24/99 I purchased a Sharp YO180-P electronic organizer from Best Buy as a Christmas gift for my wife. She decided it was not something she would use and we then planned to return it. On 2/18/00 we found it unreturned in a drawer. She had thought I would return it and I had thought she would return it. This item falls ...

US Home Corporation

Go to a model home - it is beautiful! The friendly salesman will help you pick out color and tell you that you have a two-ten warranty on the home. You think that it is safe to buy a home and for the first year you call them and they come out to fix minor items. Then the ground begins to really settle and the cracks in the ...