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Petro Oil Company
Petro are crooks

Petro is currently charging me $3.55 per gallon, every other oil company is charging $2.25. They want $599. To cancel my contract or I have to pay this outrageous price. I had the flu, I was in the hospital and they were calling and harassing me when I got home about delivering. I told them not to come because I had to open ...

Bobs Discount Furniture
Defective mattresses

I went to the Bobs furniture store to purchase a mattress. After selecting an eleven inch latex foam mattress in plush, they told us the delivery would be there the next day. They told us to check their website the following morning to check the estimated delivery time. That morning the web site said delivery would happen about ...

Bobs Discount Furniture
So, I am Out of luck?

I had my bedroom furniture deliverd, a week ago, not set up. Just placed in the garage, in original, unopened boxes. My fiance and i, were waiting to move into our new apartment. Note: I am 39 weeks pregnant. To our surprise, dismay, and disappointment. The apartment fell through. We are devastated. I called Bob's asking if ...