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Absolute incompetency

Well the list is as long as my arm. Signal is pathetic or not obtainable on the best of days. Lines get cut in the middle of conversations and downloading. The cost then goes against the customer trying to link again. Network coverage was phoned 4 times (since Oct last year) and reference numbers given. When phoned back the ...

Cell C
Cannot receive Text Messages AGAIN

I have been a loyal subscriber of Cell C's for about 12 years. Even after started working for another service provider I stayed loyal to Cell C as I thought they had the best deals available. Now in the past two years for the fourth time I am unable to receive SMS text Messages. Every time it's the same thing, phone customer ...

Very helpful person from Vodacom

I had the unfortunate need to have a network technician come out and try find out why I have no 3G reception at home. I've really battled with Vodacom to send someone out to assist with this problem and it took weeks for someone to be sent out. But I was lucky enough to have Stephen assigned to my problem. He's friendly and ...