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Demanding my airtime back

I had a balance of R23 airtime and i bought power hour bundles, and the next minute there was no airtime available and am 100% sure that i did not have the data on. This was an embarrassment for me and besodes that i was nowhere near a place that i could get airtime from. I wanted to make a call yet there was no airtime. Its ...

Incompetent and Bad Service

By far the worst service i have received in my entire life. What is the use of employing people if they dont do their job!!! We have a corporate account with more than 100 lines and this is the kind of service we get it is ridiculous man i have been phoning, holding on for 10 minutes or more explaining and phoning holding on ...

Better Network @ Home

I would like to tell you guys that you have done better job, when I am home network is better, I was the only one who receive calls, whatsup messages, go to facebook on my phone. My sisteres were struggling. Thank you for listening. Now improve when it comes to downloads of softwares or any applications its not strong at all. ...

Network Coverage Complaint

I tried from multiple devices but nothing is working to fill in the Network Coverage Query form on MTN's website so you leave me no other options. Name: Graham Hayward MTN Numbers affected: 0834692167,0786975420 All MTN Numbers in Home: 0834692167,0786975420 Devices used: Apple iPhone 5S and Huawei E372 Modem Email: Building ...

Repeated complaints on network quality

I have repeatedly submitted complaints on network quality that suddenly deteriorated in my area approximately more than a year ago. Every time, the issue is acknowledged by Vodacom but nothing gets done (a new tower is promised, or I am told that the network quality division will "investigate" the matter). This is simply not ...

Unable to access my voice mail messages

When I dial 100 to access my messages I get a message "The person you are trying to reach is not available. If I am unable to take a call the caller gets the same message. Reported fault over a week ago. PROBLEM NOT RESOLVED My mobile is on a business contract. Not that it makes any difference to MTN I have followed up on 3 ...