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Very very very bad cell phone reception

We have been experiencing bad reception at our residence for many years now. I first had to change my Vodacom data card to Cell C as I could not use the data connection due to bad response times and little or no connectivity. I have complained in the past also to Vodacom re the bad cell phone reception in and around our house, ...

Cell C
Such pathetic performance

I logged complaint on 19-12-2014 reference number 4121900732 about impossibly bad network performance and it is now 14-01-2015 and i have had no response from the network section who i have been told several times will contact me. Perhaps writing here will help ...

Responses and Services Unavailable

Good day, Last year I have reported to MTN that there is no reception at Entabeni - in a plantation where I am currently living, has been for the last 2 years. I was very grateful when 2x antennas were installed at my house and my office (through LastMile Tech). Now, I cannot even make a phone call through these antennas, as ...

Cell C
CELL C is just a BIG rip off!

I purchased R25 via the cell c advance option on *147*7# and bought a 100MB data bundle for R15.00 and thereafter loaded R5 airtime which gave me R10 Megabonus which i used to call another Cell c number, after the call when i checked my balance it showed that i have 0.00 Data??? I called the call centre and was told by an agent ...

Bad connection and no network

To whom it may concern I have tried to call the call center on four occasions now but cannot get through or speak to the agents due to my poor network. I have constant issues with my network connection, my phone calls drop, people tell me my phone is off when it is on, I cannot get onto the Internet it keeps telling me ...