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Disappearing Airtime and bundles

I recharge my and buy bundles twice to use to check emails as there was an emergency but It did not connect I remove the sim and 3g and use another one hours later I insert simcard on cellphone violla there's nothing except 0.01 cents. This is happening for the second time around and when I call call centre they tell me it all ...

Message on contract - out of bundle

Good day, Recently I stared receiving messages that I am out of bundle and that my internet has stopped: Your internet access has been paused because you are using Out of Bundle Data. Dial *180# to purchase a new bundle, or open your browser for more options. I have 10gig a month and have never even used 1gig per month, but ...

Still no feedback

MTN is quickly catching up with CellC as the worst cell phone provider in the country. I have reported a network fault a week ago and still nobody has contacted me. I guess MTN staff cannot use their own network to contact customers. Please can a senior manager contact me so that i can cancel my MTN cellphone contract. I am ...

Cell C
No signal = no one cares

I have been trying to sort out a network issue I have had, in Pietermaritzburg I when you manage to get signal you are doing well. I work in Pietermaritzburg and since I battle with the reception I have tried contacting cell c to see if there is any way of rectifying this. They ensure me that there isn't any thing they can do. ...

Worst network service

How bad is the MTN network lately. I live in Florida Park. Recently I started dropping phone calls. I cannot remember when last I made a phone call without dropping the call. Sometimes it takes minutes for my phone call to register on the MTN network. Lately i am getting sms messages that contain voice mail messages. This means ...

Cell C
Super bad

Empty promise company has calls recorded however unable to provide those records upon request, their investigation takes forever longer than 2 months but they tell you will get response within 48hrs. ...