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No feedback or solution after two months

The data signal is extremely poor and as a result I can't work and my data bundle is finished as the router continuously tries to download data. I logged a call in September and were told the network guys will contact me. This did not happen. I again logged a call with reference 360999451 and was promised that a solution will ...

Cell C
Network really bad

Hi Cell C team... I am from the south of JHB in Lenasia. The network is really bad, 90% of the time no one can get hold of me or cant hear me. This is not good in case of emergencies. Please can you do something about it or at least get your infrastructure team to come out and test the network in the area. There has to be a ...

No signal

For the past 7 days, there have been no MTN signal in my street., despite being on the network coverage area. To make calls, or to send and receive text messages I have to walk out of the house to the street just to receive a signal. MTN promises that everywhere I go, I'll have a reception, yet they do not keep their word and ...

Extremely BAD Signal/Network Coverage!

Good day, I have filled in a network coverage form on a previous occasion with no feedback and no improvement on my network! I am seriously considering cancelling my contracts with MTN because this is becoming a huge inconvenience! I can not make or accept any calls at work because of the poor Network. All my other colleagues ...