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Cell C
Unresponsive and not effective

I am still having a problem with my contact from when it was ported from a different network over a year and a half ago. I cannot receive calls from certain numbers and I have logged over 5 cases to try and get this issue resolved. Recently I am not even receiving responses from the technical and customer service departments ...

Cell C
No Connectivity and bad customer service

When I took out my contract Cell C promised that they have good signal coverage everywhere in JHB. However, the signal is very bad at my house and when I complained they sent someone to test it at my house. They agreed that the signal was bad and promised me a signal booster. Cell C consistency promised to provide us with a ...

No network at home - really un accpetable

Hello Vodacom, i moved to a new house recently and there is no network at all, i am struggling like to receive my calls and messages, with someone like Vodacom i never expected this service, i cant change my hours because of this network and i am struggling at the same addition, I am not living somewhere in the bush, ...

Cell C
Bad connection

Hi, I took a contract out last year and in the beginning the internet speed was okay, I recently moved to a new house in the same area and my internet hardly works at my new home. There are certain points in my house and at a friends place (not too far away) which my phone then says I have lost data connectivity because I am ...

Vodacom on data bundles

I have experiencing problems with Vodacom. Each time I load data bundles on my cellphone I immediately get an SMS saying my data bundles have been depleted and when I check my balance my data bundles as well as airtime is sitting at zero. I recharge sometimes twice a day and I'm not even using my phone because I'm always busy ...