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Slow/poor 3g @ home but not when away

I've been put through to 6 different people in the hour attempting to resolve an issue I'm having with my internet speed. No one seems to know how to help! I got an iPhone 5S on contract last Thursday. Ever since day one, the internet speed has been extremely slow when I'm at home (5-10 minutes for an email or whatsapp ...

No Network on a soft-blocked

Hello Peter, I'm soooo angry with Vodacom right now. I've got a talk240 package on an iPhone and my line is soft blocked for the month of September, which is fine. But my issue is that I cant receive calls, because there's no network. I'm really starting to hate this. I use to receive calls before, why now? Is this a new ...

Network coverage.

Dear Customer, Your service request no. A1-SOMK-9YY2C1 has been logged. We will contact you via sms, email or phone call within 24 hours. Vodacom Customer Care: 082111. Above is a complaint I logged with vodacom and till now the problem is not yet resolved, this is pathetic service. Get someone to fix this mess cause I cannot ...

Cell C

I am so DISAPPOINTED with Cell C... I tried recharging my account via my standard bank mobile app this morning i selected a wrong number to recharge. I called the contact centre to reverse the Amount or send it to the correct number the agent told me there is nothing they can do on their side... The number selected is not ...

Cell C
Network Coverage

I have an open service request with Cell C (SD 241922) for well over 4 months. No progress / resolution despite murmurous follow-up calls. I took out a contract and according to Cell-C's coverage map there is full 3G coverage in my area but I experience constant dropped calls, no reception and data is so poor nothing works. ...

Still no reply

I complained about poor signal quality at my residence earlier this year. The matter was handed to the network division who then came to test the signal. It was found that we need a booster box and the documents was sent to me to be signed. I then had to obtain permission from the body corporate for the installation of the ...