City: New Jersey
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Harborside Financial Services
A Division Of Harborside Financial Services Keith Davis, Prize Co-ordinator sent me a fraudulent check from Morgan Stanley. Also Jersey City, New Jersey

A check in my name for $2,980.00 was sent to me along with a letter stating I won a sweepstakes for $47,000.00 through Reader's Digest, Publisher's Clearing House, Online Sweepstakes, or internet games. I was to contact Patricia Anderson and give my claim #. The check appeared to be legal, it has Morgan Stanley typed on it in ...

Consumer Capital Services
Offered my 2 credit cards and withdrew $279.00 from my bank I never received anything and can't get in touch with them Their phone number just rings

I received a call in August and they offered me 2 major credit cards. They told me they had already been pre-approved with Capital One. I agreed to let them withdraw $279.00 from my checking account and they did on Aug. 24. I did NOT receive anything from then as they promised and I called them again the first week of ...