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Sabc Tv Licence
SABC Automated Debt Collectors

An Automated call came through to me this morning and said they represent the SABC and that my outstanding tv licence had been handed over for debt collection, then put me through to a debt collection agent. He started asking Me for information, I think debt collectors should at least know who they are collecting debt from. I ...

Phone from MTN property

MTN is the most pathetic company I have ever come across. My phone was from an MTN shop while it was in for a screen repair. The manager doesn't reply on any of my calls or emails and can't tell me when I can get a new phone. When I phoned customer care the gentleman was at first very helpful and told me he would call me back. ...

Problem recieving cell phone calls

I work at a telecoms company in Potchefstroom where a number 018 2945581 was firstly ported to Iconnect and within 3 days ported back to Telkom. Since then the client of mine has had constant issues as they can receive telkom calls but as soon as a person phones from a cell phone the message says "the number you have dialed ...