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Scammers over abundant on

2 weekw ago, I joined Mingle 2, paid for membership, put profile and photo on site. Within 4 days, I had 15 different men with photos contacting my, sending me emails. Strange that out of the fifteen, 12 were engineers. Civil, marine, platform, construction etc. Each one wrote a very similiar story. Wife died, they are on a ...

Assurance Wireless
WORST service to DSHS clients

They're liars, trying to do whatever they can to deny free minute plan to low income people. I faxed applications 3 times to them, mailed them 1 hard copy. Every time I checked on the application status, they always said they never received it. So I threatened them with negative reviews if they are still b/s with me. So agreed ...

Price Pfiste
Price Pfister - Fantastic Company

After 17 plus years our kitchen sink faucet developed a small crack in the spray head and began to spray when we used the faucet. I contacted Price Pfister to find out how to order a replacement spray head. Unfortuantly they didn't make or have any spray heads in almond to match what we had. The representative said they could ...