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World Of Glamou
Utterly Appalling Service

Upon viewing the World of Glamour website, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the website, was in actual fact one of a local company. Its appearance had been deceivingly legit to a lay person such as myself, judging by the quality of the pictures displayed, as well as the wonderful comments from seemingly impressed ...

Vodacom fails me as custome

So upgrade time! I've checked the latest deals and decided on a phone. So i go through the process. 7 - 10 working days and the phone will be delivered. 13 days and I chat with the online agent and get informed that I'm on back order. Day 20, I contact the online chat agents again to get feedback. Nice guy did some digging ...

Vodacom are!

In Sept 13 I ordered a tablet online. Was not satisfied with it, so send it back to Vodacom within 7 days. Did not use the tablet at all. Needless to say Vodacom kept on crediting my bank account with the monthly sub for the tablet for 14 months. They owe me R3600 which Im trying to get out of them from Oct last year. They are ...