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Progressive Financial
90 days same as cash

I was approved for your 90 days same as cash program, so I went to get tires on my truck, when I went to get the tires the guy told me the tires would be 500 dollars. The tires are 375 dollars in your add. How is that 90 days same as cash. The add said that tires would be more if you finance. I was not financing. I asked other ...

Is this the same stuff?

My wife wants more LifeCell. Searching the internet, I see it at Seeing these reviews, though, I'm wondering if there are two brands with the same name (or another site ripping people off). The bottles on the site look the same as the one she is almost finished with, but I want to be sure. ...

Les Schwab Tire Centers
Up-sale up-sale up-sale

In very short, Walked in, two persons were helped before me When called to the counter the sales man continued to work on a quote and i was passed up by more persons Went to look at truck he tried to up-sale I told him what i wanted done, he said ok and tried to up-sale again. I said no and we went in He proceeded to ...