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LAR Account

Most of the cashiers don't know how to transact this account. Yesterday I was at the checkout while I walked the cashier through how to do it. It took about 20 minutes. Today was different and worse. The very pleasant young lady called someone. It wasn't working, so she did as instructed over and over and over until it didn't ...

Royal Caribbean
Ran out of wine!

There were a number of things that went wrong, but I paid $600 extra for a premium alcohol package. I explained I only drank Port wine when ordering the package. They ran out of Port wine on the 5th night of a 7 day cruise, and the ONLY port wine I was served during the cruise was $5.00 a bottle Trader Joes Port. I wrote to ...

Etihad Airlines
Flight changed without notifying

Hi, this is with reference to the booking reference number LYJSOL. First i booked the flight from ahmedabad to lax and return but due to the schedule change i changed it from Jaipur to lax and return from lax to ahmedabad. Both my tickets were 1 stop (at abu dhabi) booking, Today (i week before the flight) i got an email from ...