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Cancellation of data bundle

I tried to cancel my data bundle today. I was on the phone from about 10:00 am to 14:00 pm to try and do this. I phoned a few times and after holding on from anything between 30 min's to 1 hour I've put the phone down and tried again. I talked to cancellations and they said I must speak to the technical guys, because if they do ...

ABSA still deduct funds after account closed

On 11/11/2014 I closed all accounts including my home insurance with ABSA because their call centre told me that they could not deduct the amount monthly but had to deduct it every March. The lady at the other end was very rude and snotty as I tried to explain that I am retired thus this posed a big problem for me. I stood in ...

Planet Nails
One word... Pathetic

I frequently visit the planet nails store in Centurion as it is close to my office. However I live in Pretoria East and will shortly start working from Pretoria East as well. I went to the Waterglen (Menlyn) branch on Tuesday 24 February to purchase a small glue and clear buff off UV precision gel. So the following are ...