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Complaint-review: - Worste customer experience ever
Worste customer experience ever

So I was a complete idiot today, wasted about R1000 because somehow I got it in my head somehow that I was flying to cape town from OR Tambo, so an hour before my flight I had my car picked up from departure, and was walking towards the self-help terminals to check in, but moments later I realize what a huge mistake I had ...
Late/No delivery

I've placed an order on on 28 Nov 2016. It was presents for my kid's birthday which was the Friday, it wasn't delivered as per the standard delivery time which was 2 days. It only came Monday 5 Dec 2016, AFTER my kids birthday!! If that isn't bad enough my sister ALSO placed on order with them, but hers was 21 ...

BWS Dry Clean
Damaged dress and wrong alterations

I took my suit which needed to be altered an dry cleaned and a dress that also needed to be altered and dry cleaned to BWS Dry Clean in Arcadia. When I went to pick them up, the line where the dress was altered was not pressed down and the zip was all skew and was separating. The pants of my suit was not altered at all. When I ...

Amora Coffee
Charged me without permission.

I ordered a free bag of coffee from Amora, paid the $1.00 s/h fee with my bank card. Checking my bank account I find out that Amora went into my bank account and took $67.75 - without my permission. I called them twice and told them to give my money back I Canceled my account and They refuse to either refund my money Im really ...