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Account closure

Good day My details: Eon Fritz ID: 8104155099080 Account no: 7000100100055651491 I would like to express my deepest disappointment in the service i got from Edgars. Firstly I expirience really bad financial problems two years ago and my account was written of and a bad record listed on ITC. I have since recovered and managed ...

Appalling Service

For the past 3 weeks all I have been is totally frustrated with transport. I have had to use taxis even though i buy a monthly train ticket because the trains are continuously late or they don't arrive at all. I have been late for work and my budget is a mess all because of Metro Rail. The service I had had since I started ...

Personal Loan Staments

I had a loan paid it up 01/10/2014 after receiving sms on 30/09/2014 balance due R2460.50 no statement no sms statements finally paid up. I work under ground there fore a don't take my cell phone to work. My wife usually answer my phone. On 02/01/2015 I went to Nedbank Randfontein Square to close my savings account I asked the ...