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Fantastic Sams
Horrible place stay away

If I could give them a negative star I would! I went in and asked for highlighted color and showed all four of the women what I wanted. They all said it would work and would take about 2 and half hours to do. They said it would cost me 90.00. So since I haven't went to a salon to have my hair done in about 8 years I decided to ...

Sleep Number Bed
Sleep number don't do what they say

Just purchased a rv with the sleep number bed had already have 2 beds with sleep number in my house so I was a happy owner until we bought the rv and the be was not working properly. So called sleep number and told them what was happening with the system and they said that we needed a new bladder and they shipped it and I also ...

Luminess Airbrush
Will get in your eyes

I have used Luminess Air product and have had 2 different doctors tell me that smaller than a pin point deposits (copper colored) are across my corneas. I don't know if this will ever come out or what. I can see, but I don't know what may happen. I hope I can figure out a way to get this out of my eyes. Don't use this ...