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Frontier Communications
Poor customer service

I'm so very frustrated and disappointed in both AT&T Uverse and Frontier. First very little communication about the switch for Uverse to Frontier. This was not a well planned nor even slightly tested conversion. I cannot access any stations online including HBO. According to their FAQs we should still have access to Uverse app ...

Double charged

Walmart issued a charge to my bank account twice on the same day for the same item. I have tried to contact them regarding the issue and have been ignored for a week. This occurred at the store on McCarran and 7th in Reno, NV. I have gone to the store to complain and only have the one legitimate receipt; they claim they can't ...

No refund after return of product

My ex husband ordered the product but I returned the last shipment with expected refund of 79.95 to help my sons funeral expenses for their father who passed away which is why I sent it back and do not need it. They have the product back for two months but will not return money to his sons. His work place gave them his ...