City: Reno
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Jackson Hewitt
Cost was way too high

We had our taxes done last week. WE have been using Jackson Hewitt for about the last 5 years. I have never had any complaints with them until now. Last year I paid one hundred eight nine dollars to have my taxes done this included all my state taxes and my federal. It was itemized I had motel expenses mileage on my truck ...

Horrible buy from FaucetsDirect

On December 27th I ordered 10 items including a Hansgrohe 27418001 at $143.40. These items came in sporadically although throughout the next month, although their online tracking, claimed they all shipped Friday January 23rd. Missing was the 27418001 from all the various shipments. I attempted to call to track but it was over ...

Asurion Insurance
Review from Reno, Nevada

We don't have wireless ins. Never had. We don't even use Verizon or other carriers they insure. We found 99.00 charge on our credit card. I googled to see what type of company Asurion was. I called them asking why this happened, he wanted my credit card number, I said I'm not giving it as the charge I have is fraud. I asked a ...