City: Reno
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IC Financials
Are Fruads, and killer of dreams

I am over the road truck driver, and I was searching the internet for grant money to allow me to purchase a tractor and alway me to start my own business. This would allow me the freedom of earning a money for my family and to take care of my family. I was contacted by IC Financial Rep name Michael Roberts, he explain the ...

Colonial Consumer Alliance
Solicited over internet with a $10.000 credit line offer for new credit card. Applied but never recieved cards. Ripoff

This company solicited me over the internet through my email adress offering a $10,000 line of credit. I have received a package from them and applied for the cards but have never heard back. It's been over 4 months and I can't evebn speak to a live custumer service representitive. All teh phone #'s are recordings or out of ...

Tim Taylor TnT Auctions
Ripoff scam nevada

I attended a seminar in Cincinnati O where Mr. Taylor said he would teach us how to buy at auctions and make 10,000.00 per month within the next 6 months also my $15,000.00 would be refunded after the first auction I attended for him, needless to say he never sent me or either od my two sons (who also paid to attend the ...