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Results Fitness For Women
Results Fitness for Women scam

Is there a way to give less than 1 star? Absolute HORRID ordeal with this gym. I go to the one in Sachse. It's worse than trying to get out of a timeshare meeting! I had a complimentary personal fitness evaluation which I did and then the trainer told me that she thought I would benefit from personal training. I felt pressured ...

Verizon Fios Not honoring Contract

We entered into a 2 year contract with Verizon Fios on June 1,2013 with 3 tv equipment for a monthly price of $112.41 for internet, phone and cable bundle services with a door sale representative from Verizon Fios. After waiting a couple of weeks and sitting through a no-show on Verizon installation, we finally had Verizon ...