City: Rowlett
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BMO Harris Bank
Lost My Money

I have had an Auto loan with BMO Harris for 1 year now. When I purchased the vehicle I set up automatic withdrawals from my checking account for the monthly payments. The first payments was debited from my bank account as agreed btu within two weeks they started calling and saying that I was late on my payment. I sent a copy ...

Dr Horton Home Builders
Boycott D. R. Horton Builders

D. R. Horton is one of the worst builders in town and they mislead and tell lies to sell a house and afterwards consumers will have to deal with warranty department and they are so rude, hostile and intimidating, they shout, scream and yell at anyone who dare to question them or demand what they promised. They use any every ...

The mattress stop
Trying to double charge for mattress put 600.00 on my credit card and charged 1100 to crest finance co the sale was only for 1100.00

on 6 3 2013 i went to mattress stop to look at a mattress after talking to J W i filled out a credit report for a place called Crest finance. When I returned that evening and looked at the terms they had put on the lease agreement I told them to cancell the contract the interest was out ragious. Itold him Iwould check my credit ...