City: Sandy
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Rip Off

Ordered the shirt advertised because it really looked good. Paid over $26. Took over two months to receive. Once received it was not the shirt I ordered. The shirt I ordered had a large graphic across the entire front of the shirt. The shirt I received has a graphic about a quarter the size of the graphic that was advertised. ...

Victory Mitsubishi
Auto cars deale

I got a letter in the mail saying that I was Preapproved for a car loan so I called them and the lady put me on hold. I hung up she called me back and she told me I was approved $29,000 for a car but I didn't believe it so I called back again three times I hung up she called me back and she told me I was approved $29,000 for a ...

Computer was slow and had errors

I have had guruaid for 3 years and again they have fixed both of my computers. It is nice just to be able to call and get it fixed. Always very nice. I don't always know what is wrong but they are really good about talking me through it, asking the right questions. Telling me as they go through my computer what they are doing ...

Ashley Furniture
Horrible Customer Service

We bought a couch and desk from Ashley Furniture on Memorial Day. At the end of the process we were notified that our purchase would not be delivered for nearly 3 weeks and that there would be two blocks of time to choose from (morning or afternoon). Just today we were notified that they would deliver between 2:30-6:30pm in a ...