City: Santa Maria
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Panera Bread Company
Dirty floors

The floors in the restaurant and in the restrooms are usually dirty. This is an ongoing problem and I have seen this unsanity and unsightly condition every time that I have been to Panera. In a place where food is served this is a hazard to the health of the customers. The Panera location is in Santa Maria, CA. I want to have ...

Stages of Beauty
Not a full refund

I did not realize that I was signing up for monthly shipments of this useless product, just a sample. They offer a full refund to dissatisfied customers on their website, but when I called I was told I would only get a 60% refund. Then you have to listen to the sales pitch over and over again before a representative actually ...

Loss of cable TV on Saturday night

As my wife and I were watching HGTV during dinner our cable went black and a message came up that said there was no signal detected. I checked all of our other TV's and they were also in the same condition. I called Comcast tech support and was informed that they were having a large volume of callers and would call me back in ...