City: Santa Maria
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Gift Card Rip-OFF

Received a gift card for my birthday for $25, but you can't buy tickets at the movie theater. You can only buy them on the Fandango website, which charges you a fee for doing so. So, actually, my gift card is no longer worth $25!!! That is totally a rip-off on Fandango's part. It should not even be legal for them to do so.!!! ...

Bad management

Manager is very rude and employees dont know anything about products there is bad customer service. They only try to sell to get money and dont value concern of customer. They didnt explain what the product does and it affected my body due to comsumption of product. I have gone in there before and its not just the fact that ...

Chase Mortgage
Loan Modification

Originally our business failed in 2009, we fell behind no income for five months. We applied for HAMP Program with Chase. We followed all there requirements sending paperwork after paperwork, receving many phones almost one year to the date were given a loan modification. The terms were good, however we were not quailfied at ...