City: Sarasota
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Dishonest people

I had 2 gals say they didn't receive my auctions, i know they have or I would of gotten them back. Plus another lady said the rossmommy did same thing to her also. I didn't send w / tracking so that's gives them reason to say they didn't get. I sent out 2 more auctions to them and spent 10 bucks in total. Im poor. And litsia ...

Aspen Dental
Terrible and Awful

Staff are never on time... Late by at least an hour. Once I had to wait 2 hours and received no apologies from the secretary who showed up with a box full of donuts and told me that they will get to me whenever... Apparently there were plenty more apartments scheduled for the same time. One elderly lady was furious, as she has ...

Hudsons Furniture
Poor customer service

My Perry lied. I purchased 2 chairs, a sofa and a coffee. The chairs and table were delivered. I canceled the sofa because Mr. Perry couldn't give me a definite date for delivery. He suggested the men pick up the already delivered furniture and start all over. I wanted a credit for the sofa. Mr. Perry sent me an email with ...