City: Savannah
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FDC Shipping

Ordered a sample merchandise keeps coming without authorization ie:nitric oxide alpha primal please take me off of your account and refund my money when this occurs i will gladly return your merchandise it is i sham and the product does not work as promised ...

No verification email

I purchased a reloadit pack 3 days ago and I loaded it with $500. I then tried to create a reloadit account and they failed to send my verification email. I called the company and they said the website is having issues and it would be fixed in a few hours. Its been 3 days and still no progress. They tried to make me get a ...

Kroger - Store manage

I heard the manager at Kroger in savannah, ga talk to one of his employee like she was a peace of trash and I didn't like that at all he need to be fired asap she is a sweet person and she didn't deserve that at all im writing again im a director and I will not shop their until he is gone I shop at Kroger just because I like ...