City: Sewell
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Soza Clinic

I trusted these people to send me my 2nd weight loss kit off an Amazon Local promotion.instead of the homeopathic spray, I received a large canister of pills for immuno-support. I called to report the error... No call back. I emailed Melissa Wade in the Sewell office FOUR TIMES... No reply. Since when can you get away with ...

Unprofessional salespeople

I went to the Princeton location over this weekend because I lost my prescription sunglasses. The salesperson that helped me did not have samples of gradient tinting i could refer to so she gave me a level 3 tint which ended being too dark. I couldn't see out of the glasses with that tinting. They then tried to remove some ...

Generac Doesn't Standby Product

Bought [2] 27KW Generators in the past year. One the fan belt came off after the 3rd hour of running and the second unit was delivered damaged and Generac told me to contact the shipping company for the labor to repair. Generac did supply the parts which was engine mounts but they said the labor is not covered. After spending ...