City: Sheffield
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Guthy Renke
Guthy Renker - Awful company, scam!

Do not use this company, I ordered a proactiv starter kit for around £30, in the small print by ordering from this company it signs you up to regular orders with them, after £89 was taken out of my account and a package sent to me that i did not request, you then have to phone up to cancel the regular orders and pay to send the ...

Cleveland Motors
Lies, lies and more lies

I enquire about a vehicle, i get a pitch which makes the car sound perfect, so we decide to view, what a heap of. The attitude of the sales guy was arrogant, and thought he was Gods gift. We both new the only thing on his mind was money. Ours by any means he could think of. His name was kat and he was the main man. I warn you ...