City: Sicklerville
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Customer (Dis) service

SO annoyed with SEARS right now. On 12/2 I ordered an refrigerator from them as a Christmas gift for my mom. It was to be delivered on December 14. When I told her about it, she said she would rather have it in bisque rather than white. I immediately called and tried to get the color changed on the order. Customer service was ...

SETERUS fraudulently charged me late fees

My mortgage was transferred from Bank of America to SETERUS after several years of business with BoA. Within the first 3 months of this transfer, I started getting threatening letters of foreclosure from SETERUS because according to them I am passed due on some late fees and charges which by the way I never knew of. Finally, I ...

Ryan Homes
Ryan homes suck.

Poor craftsmenship. Poor quality inside and out. Trim work sucks. I had to replace the windows when the house was only 7 years old. Now. I'm worried about the roof. The siding buckles in the heat. I would never recommend buying one of these homes. Plus way over priced... I'm sure I missed some of the other work they did. I ...

Ashley Furniture
Ashley furniture sucks

I bought a 4,000.00 bedroom set four months ago from Ashley. The quality is horrible. The drawers dont close right they are scratching the wood off the dresser. The bed is falling apart. The bottom posts of the bed the wood is actually separating from the bed. I am not the skinniest person but Im an average build guy 5 11 220 ...