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Out of propane

Every winter I run out of propane, and freeze til they come. This wintertwice in a row including today again out of propane. The the guy says I can't climb up to attic to light poliot. They sand I ran out cause I didnt pay bill. I have been there customer for ten years never did I not pay a bill. This bill was paid on 2/7/13 ...

PJ Fitzpatrick
Window estimate

After myself and my Husband were harassed all day with phone calls and texts from a woman about our appointment I was about to say forget it. A salesman in every sense of the word showed up, after hours of going on and on about how wonderful they are and then lying to my face about saving me money because my window's were being ...

Lucille Roberts
Lucille Roberts

I canceled my membership to Lucille Roberts two months ago and so my friend goes there and really wanted to do zumba with me i decided i would with her guest pass and the at the desk said it didnt cancel so she wouldnt let me in. Fine i understand that but i canceled it two months ago and she tell me oh well do it again like ...


Atgames is a company that puts out these handheld games with an sd card slot in them and they don't explain how to put games on the cards correctly. You have to use some kind of. Bin file or folder in the SD card. I emailed and emailed forhelp or info with zero answers and emails back. I looked all around the web searching for ...