City: Sicklerville
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Us Cash Advance
Being harassed

A company by the name of DV was calling on behalf of USCASHADVANCE a payday loan service (in the MONEY MUTUAL network heavily advertised by former talk show host Montel Williams. They called my work and home saying that I need to get a good lawyer and come down to the court house. They have been calling me from 707-376-3307, ...

Ae Factory Service
A and E repair is horrible

My 15 month old Frigadare Refrigerator went down on Aug 11 I called A and E and they set up an appointment for aug 15 between 1 and 5 I waited all day and then they call and said they wouldn`t be able to make, they didn`t tell me they would come out the next day or next day they tell me they can`t come out until Monday aug ...

Customer service and installation

I converted to Comcast from Verizon FIOS based on commitments made during my call because of specific needs that I had. The needs related to Internet speed and hard (eithernet) connection to my PC. I was told there are no charges to the installation. I called second time and asked to talk to the installation department to make ...

Planet Fitness
Tired of hearing lies!

I have attended Planet Fitness for over 2 years. I spoke to an employee in my location about 6 months ago about not renewing in June due to a prescheduled surgery and being unable to attend the gym after. She informed me that the information was put in my April my credit card was stollen and after weeks of getting ...