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Retro Fitness
Can't get out of contract

Like everyone else I found the system of trying to cancel my daughter's membership so frustrating. I have spent more than 200 dollars more than she ever attended. When I finally sent the required certified letter (why certified - because they know it will be a roadblock for canceling) they then upped my daughter's frozen rate ...

Dominos Pizza
Dominos, Oven-baked Rip offs

My Cheesteak toasted sandwich was absolutely horrible. It was literally just about an even One inch thick. I got charged over 6.00 for the equivalent of 1.00 fast food burger. I got it plain because I dont like the toppings on it, but I didnt know that it meant I was just gunna get nothing on the sanwhich almost Entirely. I ...

Depftford NJ orde

On 12/30/2111 we went to the Deptford NJ store to purchase winter boots For myself and my wife. The store had no size 10 waterproof/winter Boots in stock. After several minutes the sales clerk, offered To order the boots online and have them shipped to our house for free. During the order process, we handed the sales clerk. ...

Other Company

2004 f150 bought new 20000mi needed new trans 50000mi needs a new trans same problem seems to be the planitary gear heard they changed the gear in 2004 from 2003 never towed never loaded used pn weekends still have orignal breaks and tires no help from ford i think there needs tobe a class action it seems to be a problem with a ...