City: Sicklerville
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Manolo Blahnik Shoes

Scam alert!!! Sells fake christian louboutin shoes!!! Don't waste your money. The website claims to be based out of the UK but is really located in china. Their return policy is not listed on their website, because once you buy the shoes, you are not allowed to return them. Cheap, poorly made Fakes. Not worth the nightmare ...

Cricket Wireless
Cricket Sucks!

Do not use Crickets services unless that is your only way of communication. They dont keep track of records, bills, and when your bills are supposed to get paid. I went there and they refused to give me my reciept for the phone i had purchased only a week earlier because they claimed they didnt have it. The y also said i was ...

TD Bank
TD Bank/Mortgages Stink

My mortgage request at TD Mortgage was declined because both units of the condominium complex were rented and the condo association did not provide guaranteed replacement cost insurance. Note my condo is located in Ocean City, NJ and it is a second home/investment property. TD did not have any problems with it being an ...