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Alexander Forbes Insurance
Pre condition

Hi to all policy owners I have learned a huge lesson in regard of policies incl Life Cover not only at Alexander Forbes but all Insurers Companies Check if small writing says that if you had this or that then this or that can cause eventually your death. BIG SURPRISE you pay your life an certain amount for cover and when to ...

Continuous debits atfer expirey

I don't owe them anything. I am struggling with so much difficulty to get 8ta to stop the debits they taking from my account as my contract has expired and they keep debiting me. They failed to send me any form of communication advising me that the contract expired. After the first extra debit I sent them the cancellation form ...

Does not work and refund comes with excuses

I join Tissa to give the concept a chance, I have not made a cent. I have asked for a refund and this is what I get: Dear Member Your refund has been rejected because the terms and conditions say that you have to follow the 5 steps and if you did not make money in your 1st 14 days we refund you. That means you must apply for ...

Data dispute

I am beside myself!!! For the last six years, that I have had this account - 0798759071, my data was NEVER more than /- R284.60. Suddenly for the month of Sept 2014 it shot up to R5999,92 and for October 2014 - R10137.05!!! Never in my life has it been over R300!!! This is for sure a mistake!!! I use a normal vodacom, white ...

No Feedback or repairs has been done

Claim 108030479 - 3rd of February 2014 - Response from Outsurance. "Hello natashaj, It's very unfortunate that our assessor could only quote on the damage he could detect at the time of the assessment. Our claims manager, Thuso contacted you and apologised for the inconvenience you have experienced up to now. Thuso also ...