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What a!

I asked Brian to give me the number for the person handling my account as he said that they could not get hold of me on the three numbers I gave him - all business numbers. Three days later he replies Good Day Mr. Mayes, Please call 0218865926. Kind Regards, This is my wife"s work number you fool Is there nobody there ...

No feedback or service

I have tried the call centre a couple of times but my calls never get answered. I went to Woodlands Boulevard branch on Saturday with the same query and nobody phoned back. Mtn seems to work on africa time. I need to know what my bill is going to be in March. ...

Bad service

Ordered a new iPhone 6 plus on a contract upgrade, and was promised the phone would arrive in 2-7 days and on day 6 which was Monday the 23 Feb I phoned to check on its arrival time and date, and then I was informed they had no stock after I was told there was when I ordered the phone, And then I was meant to be contacted later ...

Mango Airlines
Non Existent Customer Service!

Dearest Mango, To date you have not replied to my complaint on facebook. Please read it as Hello Peter states it is too long to publish: So now... 1) When are you going to respond to my post? 2) When are you going to respond to every single other passengers post? I speak on behalf of all complainants when I say you don't ...

Designer Heels

Part of my order arrived, the other didn't due to postal strikes. But I waited 4 months and they didn't bother even though they had my deposit. Now suddenly they have a policy (which was not stated in their terms) that after 14 days the deposit is forfeited!!! They were rude and had a bad attitude when I enquired. They were ...

Trying to cancel my Home insurance

I have been trying to cancel my home insurance with Nedbank with no success. On the 17th of Feb I phoned in, spent 19 minutes on the phone, later the same day again spent 24 minutes on the phone and today again a shocking 40 minutes on the phone and still no cancellation. I don't know what to do anymore. ...