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Welcoming traveller home

I used travel started for the first time just to get flight tickets for a business trip. Firstly the site is easy to use, secondly I found all the information I needed in one place. It was such a nice little surprise to come home and and receive a welcome home message from travel start. It makes one feel more like a person and ...


I have been receiving calls from this number? 27219278000 on my phone, at all hours of the day and night. Whenever I would answer the call, the person at the other end simply puts the phone down. It is now 20:58 and I just received another call from the number. Is this really how you treat your customers? This is harassent. ...

No response on complaints

No response on a fault on their side - they didn't read complaint and responded with an sms saying my problem was sorted... I was excited, until I got my bill... Only then I realized that they "made a plan and sorted out" the WRONG ACCOUNT!!! (the one that was correct all along!!!) All of this could've been prevented if the ...

Trojans attached to spam

I require assistance with my e mail address that is linked to my account. Lately a lot of spam has been arriving in my inbox, The problem is the attachments which I obviously don't open, even if I try kaspersky internet security wont allow me, These attachments are trojans, worms and other nasty things, I did not apply for ...

Disconnected problems

Having internet problems. Call telkom technical support for help and they say our line status shows 'Disconnected', and we must go through to Billing department and sort it out before they help us. I'm put through to Billing and they say the line shows active and no billing issues, and they put me back through to technical who ...

No phone contract's discount disappeared

I got R131.05 discount on my Smart Standard Subscription because I opted not to take a phone on the January the discount was removed from my statement. So according to Vodacom I needed to 'upgrade' my contract to keep getting a discount. This is nothing less than bureaucratic red tape, reducing my and the Vodacom ...