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Car Cure
Pathetic Service

Registered my claim via the web site - After 48 hours of no response phoned the claim in. One month later and no closer to having the claim resolved. Thousand excuses and no action. I am starting to wonder if this is not a. Take people's money but offer no real benefit and just them around when they try claim ...

Illegal deductions from account

Till today, I have NEVER heard of this so-called "Digicash". I noticed a deduction last night off my account and started investigating just to find that it appears to be NORMAL PRACTICE for this digicash to ILLEGALLY deduct funds from peoples accounts! They do not answer calls!!! Who is paying for these calls, Digicash? ...

Mango Airlines
Still waiting on my refund!

Ought a ticket via SID. Was told they cant find the payment and that i need to pay again. I ended paying again but bought a ticket from kulula instead. I even showed them bank statement and sms notification. Sent documents through to the refunds department. Was told 48 hours. Its been a month already! Last feedback i got was is ...

Nimble Group
Bad service rendered

I had an account with Homechoice that I did not pay well and it was handed to Nimble group for collection, I was called on the 15 January 2015 by a Washiela Jones to settle the account of which I did on the16 January 2015 and sent this person an email requesting a paid up letter. The person responded by saying it takes 21 days ...