City: South Africa
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Account suspension

Today my account was suspended because I had reached my so called soft lock amount even though I still had over 1000 minutes on my contract available as well as free sms messages and data. Why do you lock people when they have airtime available that they have paid for? Your system that suspends accounts should looks at these ...

Deregistration of vehicle

I was in an accident on 28 November 2014. I contacted my broker, GVS Insurance, immediately. I then got a call from SANTAM instructing me that the vehicle will be towed and a tow truck has been dispatched. A week later I received a call from SANTAM asking whether I knew where my car was. I supplied the details of the company. ...

Debit order that was unauthorised

This company has deducted 199 from my account without any documentation or signatures from me how can one just debit peoples money with out authority from the account holder? If its the place i know that deducted the 199 i have sent numerous emails to cancel the service of which i didnt evan recieved yet they dont come back to ...