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Still no refund!

Please will you fill out a deposit slip and go to a bank and make my transfer, i have waited donkey's years, and you have the audacity to reply that you have already fore warned me about my refund - where is the confirmation of payment, that i requested??? Keep avoiding my questions and witholding my refund, i will keep posting ...

Scorpion Legal Protection
Unpaid claim

I had a funeral cover with the above funeral plan. My mother passed away on the 11/02/2015 I called scorpion legal services on Wednesday to report my mothers passing they email me the claim forms on the same day but I was able to get them on next week Tuesday 17/02/2015 that same day I faxed them all the relevant documents ...

County Fai
Spoilt food

I Called your offices yesterday to lay a complaint about the country fair pops that I purchased, this was the 3rd box of pops that I had purchased and the pops was spoilt, when I called your office the lady I spoke to said that she need some details to lay a complaint, I did not even get an apology to say sorry for the ...

Great Service

I recently purchased a Groupon voucher for a wheel alignment. Upon arrival, I noticed that the place looks very dodgy and I was made to wait a very long time. I eventually left without having the alignment done. I emailed Groupon about this incident. I received a prompt response from Carl, informing me that the voucher has been ...