City: South Africa
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First National Bank

I got a call from 031 940 5487 they said they are linked with FNB they offer discounts, I said nope i do not want a discount when i continued with the conversation asking them where did they get my details the said on the FNB data base, they had my ID number, and they wanted to confirm my details they also have the banking ...

Missing voucher

I haven't received my groupon voucher and it has been 2-3 weeks and I have made payment so Ryan Bailey was so helpful in tracking it down. It was sent to my previous work email address, which I thought I changed but none the less he tracked it down in no time and resent it to me and he has changed my details! Thank you so much ...

Published report unilaterally deleted

I posted a report regarding Wondercoat Wall & Roof Coatings and how they had been evicted from a number of different professional and accreditation associations due to unethical conduct and failing to honour guarantees. I also invited similarly aggrieved persons to join forces in order to recover some of the costs we had been ...

Discovery Card

The call centre agents transferred me from person to person and department to department and no-one is able to help, but are instead referring to the next department who is supposedly better suited to handle my query. I have emailed to no avail and spent too much time calling, being placed on hold and being transferred back and ...