City: South Africa
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Multichoice rip-off

I wish to lodge a complaint, regarding the eft payment I made on 26 January 2015 that have not been correctly allocated to my account. Every time I call the call center, I am told that I still owe multichoice for the box office payment. I have made a query to the payments dept via email, I was send back an email stating that ...

African Bank
Extinctive prescription of debt

I have 3 accounts that I did not know of for the past few years and now qualifies for prescribed debt since it was not paid. I only saw it when I applied for a ITC check and then actually managed to log into the African bank site with my ID and without any real secure data, once I was online I saw the accounts. - I deny any ...

SA Post Office
Unreliable and a rip off

Hello Peter, I finally recieved my parcel that was sent to me from Great Britain on 5 January 2015, and handed over to south african post office on 7 January 2015. (This parcel was posted First class recorded delivery and should have taken 5-10 working days) The parcel was a present (gift) from a friend in Great Britain, and ...