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Origin Game Store
Invoice Failed

Every time that i try and buy games off origin (mass effect) it allows me to get to the payment menu and then tells me it is invoice failed, my card works fine and i tried it with other games, still the same result. I tried contacting them and there service is useless, i cant get hold of them in anyway. ...

Hewlett Packard
1st and last. Never again

This is a 2nd complaint about HP on hellopeter. 1st attempt was a waste. The serial number on my laptop is 5CD323H2CN. Purchased in Australia. I was told I had an international warranty on the date of purchase. I'm south african. The laptop was a factory fault that never worked since the 1st day. I made numerous calls to hp. My ...

British Airways UK
No care for their custome

I wanted to communicate my frustration with BA and could not find anywhere to register my complaint. I was doing this to help in bringing their service up to at least the same standard as their competitors. Here is my major complaint! "Avios. What's the point?" Really! What's the point of collecting Avios? What a totally ...

No software and a defective battery

I have just purchased the Microsoft wedge touch mouse, and very expensive it was. If you buy a cheap usb Microsoft mouse it comes with all of the drivers on a disk. With the wedge, the computer automatically (without any permission) contacts Microsoft and has to download the drivers. Then to add insult to injury the supplied ...

Unauthorised Subscrption

So i receive my latest bill and see that Cellspice have been charging a R7 per day subscription for the past month. Funny, because I did not subscrbe to this service. Nor did i ever see any sms or gave any of my details to anybody. Yet I receive an sms about "unsubscribing" last night and quickly "unsubscribed". Rang the CS ...