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Steam, a complete waste of time

Having purchased Borderlands 2 as well as all the downloadable content at present, having spent $60, I am unable to even start this game! Since the last update, I have been unable to play Borderlands2. Thus far, tried every conceivable advice to fix this problem, every time I try and start the game, Steam indicates that servers ...

Be2. co. za
DON'T subscribe to this service!

I contacted Be2 to cancel my membership within the prescribed period. I followed instructions as per their message and instructed them I wished to cancel and they were not to remove money from my credit card. They went ahead, ignored my instructions and now I am over R1000 down a hole. This service is a *! ...

TomTom no real products available in SA

TomTom is ripping off South African customers by advertising themselves as a competative product/company, but they don't have half the products they advertise on their website aqvailable in our country. Please read the sequence of events Me: Customer By Web Form (Danie Ruthven) 09/07/2013 05.54 PM-_I cannot buy from online ...

Be2. co. za
I too have been

This website is a *. You are supposed to be able to cancel your subscription within one month, but there is no way to cancel it on the site, No one responds to your queries and they do not provide the link to cancel. They are scamming unsuspecting single people into joining a site that does not provide anything it claims. Even ...